About Ferco Aerospace Group

The Ferco Aerospace Group has been serving the aerospace and industrial gas turbine engine markets for over 50 years. Ferco Aerospace Group consists of three affiliated companies:

Ferco Tech Corporation

Founded in 1984 by Guillermo “Bill” Fernandez. Bill Fernandez, an immigrant from Castro's Cuba, was a natural business man. His foresight into the needs of the customer was the basis for Ferco Tech’s success.

L & E Engineering Company

Founded in 1956, L&E has seen many changes in the aerospace industry. L & E Engineering’s manufacturing experience can handle the most complex sheet metal bracketry and small fabrications.

GGF Heritage Manufacturing LLC

Founded in 2001, GGF Heritage Manufacturing was named to honor BIll Fernandez. GGF is a low-cost sourcing solution for customers seeking alternatives to a twenty thousand mile supply chain.

Bill Fernandez, Founder

A minority-owned and female-owned company, Ferco Aerospace Group was certified SDB until SBA certification ended in 2008.

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