Ferco aerospace has been serving the aerospace and industrial gas turbine engine markets For over 60 years. Ferco aerospace consists of three affiliated companies:

Sheet Metal Fabrications

  • Ferco Aerospace specializes in complex or simple metal parts for aerospace and industrial gas turbine engines.
  • We have vast experience in fabrications in high temperature/ anti-corrosive metals such as titanium and Inconel.
  • We also have extensive experience in stainless steel and aluminum fabrications.
  • With more than 15,000 parts made in our 60+ years of service to the aerospace industry we support the needs of the most demanding customer.

Tube Fabrications

  • Ferco Aerospace produces simple to complex tube fabrications for aerospace and industrial gas turbine engines as well as other aerospace and industrial applications.
  • Our tube capabilities cover a broad range of materials such as high nickel alloys, titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Our fabrication expertise includes tube-in-tube assemblies, complex transitions, high tolerance profiles and angles, end forming and thin wall bending.
  • Our patented tube fixture technology allows build and inspection of tube fabrications in days rather than weeks.